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What to do when your Ohio auto insurance provider will not pay

The whole purpose of paying for auto insurance is to have financial protection when you get into an accident. It is more affordable to pay a monthly premium than to pay large bills all at once out of pocket. That is the job of your provider in return for being a faithfully paying client.

Ohio drivers get good news before the holiday travels

As the holiday season continues, many Ohioans are planning to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. For most people, this means driving to and from other places. The increased traffic on public roads can increase the risk of hazards for drivers, but luckily, Ohio drivers were given some good news that may make them feel more secure as they travel this season.

Car Insurance Claims: Mistakes to avoid

Annually, Ohio residents are involved in hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents. During 2015 alone, the Ohio Department of Public Safety responded to a total of more than 302,000 traffic accidents, many of which resulted in those involved suffering painful and debilitating injuries.

Will an accident increase my car insurance premium?

Many drivers worry that filing a claim with their insurance company will cause their premium to automatically increase. Luckily, this is not always the case. There are a variety factors that are likely to affect your policy and it's not as cut and dried as most people think.

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