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Can you prevent backover accidents on construction sites?

When you work on an Ohio construction site, you might get hurt in a variety of ways. However, you may not expect a vehicle to back over you. Workers may easily die in these accidents, as discussed in a previous blog post. To stay safe on a construction site, it is important to understand how you can prevent these incidents from occurring. 

How to avoid electrocution on a construction site

Construction sites are active throughout Ohio, year round. Mechanical equipment, scaffolding and other job site needs can cause severe injuries and fatalities if safety precautions are not in place or ignored. If you sustained injuries on the job, there might be grounds for a claim. The team at Mezibov Butler has experience representing clients in construction accident litigation.

What does an electrical shock do to the body?

If you work at an Ohio construction site, you may have some concern about the possibility of electrical accidents, and with good reason. According to WebMD, on-the-job electrical accidents account for most of the 1,000 deaths from electrocution that occur in the United States every year.

Worker killed by truck backing up

Whether involved in residential, commercial or traffic construction projects, workers in Ohio frequently find themselves in potentially risky situations. Many of these situations involve being near large equipment or vehicles. Employers are responsible for ensuring that proper safety procedures are developed and that all staff, including supervisors, are trained about these procedures. Job site management staff is responsible for making sure these procedures are followed.

Ohio excavator in OSHA's Severe Violation Enforcement Program

There seem to be no end to the types of risks workers in the construction industry in Ohio face on the job. Working around heavy materials and machinery, at great heights and near electricity are just some of these risks. Construction employes who work in trenches also must deal with dangers but should be able to trust that their employers have proper safety plans and procedures in place to protect them. 

What are OSHA's ladder guidelines?

A ladder is one tool that may be used by people at work in Ohio in a variety of industries and job environments as well as by people in varying roles. While there are many different types of ladders, there are some regulations for proper and safe use that apply to all ladders in all situations. Understanding these is important for all employees and certainly for all employers as they should make sure their teams are informed and trained on following these guidelines.

Construction: an inevitably dangerous industry

Many Ohio employees do not think twice about possible dangers when clocking in at work for the day; after all, a large majority of occupations pose a minimum threat to the everyday worker. However, those in the construction industry do not always have this privilege, and, in fact, face a considerable amount of hazards on any given shift. The following information delves into these potentially deadly hazards, and what the proactive steps the industry takes to avoid them.

Ohio's workplace injury rates

As someone who works in the construction industry or who has a spouse or other family member employed in a construction-related job, you know that these occupations can be dangerous. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation provides some insight into how prevalent an injury may be for people who work in construction or even in other fields. The 2016 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses show that statewide, 3.2 out of every 100,000 employees identified as full time in the construction industry experienced either a work-related injury or illness. Across all industries, that number was also 3.2 out of every 100,000 employees.

2 common construction site violations that oftenn lead to death

Many people are probably aware that the construction industry has one of the highest rates of injury and fatality out of all other industries. Construction accidents in the Hamilton area that result in serious injury and death are publicized more oftenn than incidents that do not. According to ISHN, the first year of employment is the most dangerous for construction workers; 60 percent of construction site accidents happen during their first year on the job. 

Fall hazards a continued threat for Construction workers

People in Ohio who work in the construction industry or who have loved ones employed in this industry have good reason to want to track the ongoing efforts to keep workers safe. Construction job sites by nature are dangerous but that does not eliminate an employer's responsibility to implement strong safety practices in order to prevent serious and even fatal injuries.

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