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Why you should not talk to the claims adjuster in your case

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Serious Injuries |

When you file a claim for a personal injury, the responsible party’s insurance company will evaluate the evidence. Part of that process often includes at least one phone call to you, though sometimes they call several times. The claims adjuster may start the conversation as a friendly discussion, inquiring about your health and showing concern. This can create a false sense of security.

Avoid conversations with a claims adjuster on your own to protect your legal rights. There are a few hazards of these discussions.

Presenting statements out of context

One concern of a conversation with a claims adjuster is the risk that they may take things you say out of context, misinterpret them and use them against you in your claim. Remember that the claims adjuster works for the insurance company and has the company’s financial interests at heart, not yours. Especially in the aftermath of an accident, confusion and distraction can lead to misstatements and uncertainties. Avoid these conversations to prevent saying something that could call your credibility into question.

Embracing the tendency to downplay our struggles

Another common mistake when talking to an insurance adjuster is the tendency to downplay your symptoms. In an effort to appear more independent and strong, you might mistakenly give the impression that you are doing better than you actually are. This can cost you in your settlement.

Avoid taking calls from the insurance adjuster personally, especially in the early stages after your accident. Get everything in writing to improve your chances of a fair and reasonable settlement.

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