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Summer safety focus: watching out for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Brian Neff has a long pedigree as a motorcyclist. The Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper got his license to ride years ago almost immediately after receiving his passenger-vehicle license.

He has since given it up.


What prompted the surrender was this: Neff’s stark realization that even he – a long-time biker and safety enforcement official – couldn’t routinely see motorcyclists in close proximity to him.

That’s a problem. If an experienced and prudent rider like Neff can imperil a motorcyclist, what heightened risks exist for that biker if he or she is anywhere near a negligent driver?

We know at the proven Ohio personal injury law firm of Mezibov Butler that our readers appreciate the serious risks and challenges posed for motorcyclists sharing the road with cars and trucks. The injury consequences for bikers hurt in crashes are truly outsized.

Neff notes them. He says that during his nearly two-decade tenure as a trooper, he has come upon only a singe motorcycle accident that did not feature an injury.

Opinions widely vary in discussions centering on primary responsibility in car-bike accidents. Occupants in four-wheel and larger vehicles often pin blame on motorcyclists when things go wrong.

That is decidedly not the view of a seasoned state trooper. Neff says that, “Probably 80% of the crashes I have handled in my career have not been the motorcyclist’s fault.”

The bottom line: Drivers in bigger vehicles simply don’t see motorcyclists in many instances, a point we centrally note on a relevant page of our firm’s website.

Motorcyclists and their passengers who suffer personal injury owing to third-party negligence can pursue meaningful legal remedies marked by maximum compensation. Such assistance can prove invaluable to them following an adverse roadway outcome.

An experienced and empathetic legal team can provide further information.

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