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Why are construction-zone accidents often complex affairs?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

Ohio drivers and pedestrians are intimately familiar with a reality that plays out annually across the state during the spring and summer months.

It’s marked by frenetic activity and multiple moving parts, and it requires due attention from every person in close proximity.

We spotlight construction zone projects and related risks in today’s Mezibov Butler blog post, noting on our website that seasonal construction activity “can be highly dangerous to workers and passersby.”

Why is that?

The reasons for construction zone challenges and perils are many and obvious. Moreover, they are present for every demographic, ranging from industry employees and drivers in passenger vehicles to motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Following are just a few representative injury catalysts that make construction site accidents dangerous in an outsized way:

  • Falls from heights
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Cave-ins and structural collapses
  • Explosions and fires
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Mishaps regarding hazardous materials
  • Machine/equipment malfunctions

And then there is this, which is perhaps the most worrisome element of all: workplace negligence that directly heightens risks for persons within a construction area.

Third-party recklessness or indifference to minimally safe work conditions breeds broad-based dangers for both working professionals and members of the general public.

When those dangers predictably spur accidents and injuries, the fallout is often marked by complicated variables. We stress on our website that construction accidents “often involve many complex issues.” Those span employment relationships, third party interactions, specialized machinery and layers of regulatory rules and exactions.

The bottom line for a victim stresses the allowance to pursue a legal remedy ensuring accountability and maximum compensation for injuries suffered.

A proven personal injury legal team can provide further information.

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