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What are the most dangerous roads in Cincinnati?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Few people may realize that the Greater Cincinnati region has over 50 of the top 350 sites in the state for the most collisions as per state Department of Transportation (DOT) statistics from 2013.

In fact, the most accident-prone spot in our region happens to be Route 126 eastbound at Interstate 71. That section of highway has the highest average number of annual collisions – 666. But that is not even the deadliest area in and around Cincinnati, as the junction of I-71 north with Pfeiffer Road has that dubious distinction with an average of over 208 deaths and injuries from auto accidents.

Read on to learn of some other dangerous roads, intersections and collision-prone highways.

Use extra caution when driving these roads

  1. Route 126 east at I-71
  2. I-71 north at merge with I-471
  3. I-71 near Blue Ash
  4. First few miles of Norwood Lateral Parkway at merge with I-75
  5. I-75 at 8th Street viaduct

Of course, these are just a few of the dangerous roads here in southern Ohio. There are many more with added danger to motorists and their passengers in our region. Also, no one should get a false sense of security when driving on a road or stretch of highway that did not make the list. Serious accidents that cause both injuries and fatalities can and do occur all over the state, regardless of the safety history for that highway.

You are only as safe as the drivers around you

Even the safest and most sober motorist is just a drunken or texting negligent driver away from a highway disaster. All the safety protocols you follow cannot completely protect you from another driver’s bad decisions and outright negligence.

When another motorist’s (in)actions cause you to get into an auto accident, your world may be turned upside down as a result. The hospital bills will start piling up, including:

  • Ambulance ride
  • Emergency room fees
  • X-rays, CAT scans, MRI charges
  • Hospital stay
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesiology costs
  • Rehabilitation bills
  • Physical, occupational and other therapies

Hold at-fault drivers accountable for the damages they wreak

You should not have to foot the bills for another driver’s carelessness. Holding drivers and their insurance companies liable for your injuries and other damages can help right the wrong and position you for a full recovery after your auto accident.

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