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How teen drivers can avoid distraction on the road

Teen and young adult drivers in Ohio are just as prone to distraction as those in other states. Indeed, there is a nationwide trend where drivers of all ages are becoming distracted by their smartphones. In a survey conducted by The Zebra, 38% of younger respondents (aged 18 to 24) admitted to texting behind the wheel.

Phone use poses a cognitive, manual and visual distraction and is consequently among the most dangerous acts that a driver can engage in. Even acts that comprise only one type of distraction pose a risk to safety: daydreaming, for instance. By taking these five tips into account, though, teen drivers can become safer on the road.

Before heading out, teens should make all the adjustments that their driving instructor told them about, such as mirror and seat adjustments. Second, drivers should not take on too many passengers but rather limit their number. Teens, being inexperienced, cannot handle the multiple distractions that passengers might pose.

On the road, teens should be proactive drivers. This means staying alert, foreseeing dangers and foreseeing other road users' next move. They should hide their phone away so that its presence does not tempt them. If they must call, or if they need to address a malfunctioning GPS system, then all they have to do is pull over.

A distracted driver is a negligent driver because he or she clearly fails to carry out a duty of care to other drivers. Those who are injured in a distracted driving crash and who did not contribute more than 50% to it are eligible, under Ohio negligence laws, for compensation. Whether they receive compensation or not depends on things like evidence and perseverance. Victims may want a lawyer to represent them at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

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