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Is that other driver under the influence?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Firm News |

Sometimes, it’s possible to look inside another vehicle, spot the driver and easily determine that the person is under the influence of alcohol. If this happens while you’re on the road, it’s scary to think that the other driver could cause a serious accident at any point.

In addition to a person’s appearance and mannerisms, there are other signs that they may be under the influence:

  • Swerving: For example, when driving on the highway, they’re in and out of their lane of travel time and time again. Not only does it put them at risk, but it does the same for anyone who is driving in close proximity.
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way road: Perhaps the most dangerous sign of drunk driving, this has the potential to cause a head-on collision with one or more vehicle.
  • Striking parked cars or other objects: Drunk drivers are more likely to misjudge where they are, which increases the risk of striking other objects, such as parked cars and street signs.
  • Failure to respond at a traffic light: When a light turns from red to green, you expect someone to slowly pull away. But when this doesn’t happen, you assume that something is wrong. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re under the influence, but it’s a definite possibility.
  • Aggressive driving: Drunk drivers are often aggressive on the road. They’ll make risky maneuvers, scream at other drivers and defy the law. Aggressive driving and drunk driving don’t always go together hand in hand, but it’s a common sign that someone is under the influence.

So, what should you do?

In addition to keeping your distance, move to safety and call 911 to report what you are seeing. Depending on the location and circumstances, the dispatcher may be able to send a local officer to check on the driver.

Unfortunately, there are cases when a drunk driver causes an accident without notice. Maybe they strike you from behind at a red light or change lanes into you on the highway.

If this happens, check yourself and passenger’s for injuries, call 911, receive medical treatment and then file an insurance claim. Taking these steps will lead you toward holding the drunk driver responsible.

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