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Common types of collisions and how to avoid them

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Being aware of the common types of collisions and how to avoid them might help some Ohio drivers prevent crashes and injuries. While motorists might not be able to avoid some crashes, there are many things they can do to drive in a safer manner.

The four most common types of car accidents are front-impact crashes, rear-end crashes, side-impact collisions and parking lot crashes. Parking lot crashes often happen when many vehicles go in different directions or when a car is backing up. Drivers should be aware of their environment even before they get into the car to identify potential incidents. They can also park further away from other vehicles. Side-impact crashes result from right-of-way confusion at intersections or from vehicles crossing into parallel lanes. Drivers should keep their eyes on the road, follow traffic rules and look both ways before crossing intersections.

Front-impact collisions result when cars going opposite directions crash into each other or when a driver crashes into objects such as trees or light poles. Often the result of drivers not adapting to weather or road conditions, they were the reason for 54% of serious traffic incidents in 2016. Drivers can prevent this type of car crash by focusing on the road and adapting to the conditions around them such as slowing down in wet conditions. Finally, rear-end crashes often happen when drivers are following too closely or speeding, leaving themselves too little time to adjust if the car ahead of them breaks. Drivers can prevent these accidents by being conscientious of their behavior on the road and leaving enough space between vehicles.

People who are injured in a car crash caused by the negligence of another motorist often require extended periods of medical care. They might find it advisable to have an attorney’s assistance when seeking compensation for the losses that they have incurred.

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