As red-light cameras decline, traffic deaths increase

Ohio readers might be concerned to learn that traffic fatalities from red-light collisions are on the rise, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The institute said that a decrease in red-light cameras is partially responsible for the problem.

IIHS researchers found that there were 421 American communities using red-light cameras as of July 2018, which is a drop from the 533 communities that were using the devices in 2012. They also found that traffic deaths from red-light accidents increased by 17% during the same period of time. Meanwhile, other studies by the institute have found that red-light cameras reduced red-light moving violations by approximately 40% and red-light crash deaths by 21%.

Red-light cameras have been controversial in some cities because the public tends to distrust them, viewing them as moneymaking schemes. However, according to AAA, the devices effectively improve traffic safety when properly implemented. To help increase the use and acceptance of red-light camera programs nationwide, IIHS, AAA, the National Safety Council and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety joined together to create an implementation checklist for communities to follow. The steps on the checklist include establishing community advisory committees, publicizing the early stages of the planning process and the final camera locations, ensuring proper law enforcement training, only targeting violations that pose the highest safety threats and periodically reviewing the programs using input from the public.

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