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How to avoid accidents when driving in winter

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Winter poses a lot of challenges to drivers in Ohio, especially with the roads becoming icy and snowy and reducing traction. All the same, drivers are expected to stay safe and keep out of accidents. With the following tips, they can do just that with not much difficulty. It all begins with slowing down so as to retain as much traction as possible.

Drivers should know that the braking distance increases when the road is wet or icy. Because of this, they should increase the gap between themselves and the vehicle in front. It should be a distance of five to six seconds at the very least. It would be ideal if drivers maintain this distance in all seasons. Next, drivers should accelerate gently, with a slight pressure of the heel on the accelerator, and brake early and gradually.

Automatic braking systems and features like brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution are valuable add-ons, but drivers whose cars are equipped with these need to know how to brake properly with them. Braking to a complete stop should be avoided when possible because accelerating from a complete stop when the road is snowy or icy can cause the wheels to spin. Lastly, drivers should not brake or accelerate when traveling uphill but should gain momentum beforehand on the flat area.

Driving carelessly in bad weather can lead not only to a traffic accident but also to a personal injury claim if anyone was injured at the hands of that careless driver. In Ohio, plaintiffs can recover damages even if they were partially at fault, but that degree of fault will proportionately lower the amount they are eligible for. To see if they have a strong case, victims may consult a lawyer. The lawyer might handle settlement negotiations, too.

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