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What are the reasons for amputation?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Serious Injuries |

Sometimes the amputation of a limb in Ohio happens suddenly and unintentionally as a result of a traumatic accident. If you lose a limb in a situation like this, it is sometimes (though not always) possible to reattach it. 

However, under certain circumstances, you may undergo a surgical amputation. Doctors prefer to preserve a limb whenever possible, but sometimes damage to the extremity is so severe that the most effective treatment option available may be amputation.

According to WebMD, there are several reasons for amputating a limb. Limb amputation may be necessary after a serious injury, such as might occur during a motor vehicle collision, industrial accident or another catastrophic event. If this is the reason, the need for amputation will usually be evident right away. 

However, sometimes the indication for amputation only develops over time. An illness or injury may cut off the blood circulation to the limb, and the tissues die as a result. Once the death of the tissues sets in, there is no treatment option available other than amputation. 

In other cases, a wound may develop a serious infection. If antibiotics or other treatment methods do not resolve the infection, it is sometimes necessary to amputate the limb. This is a drastic measure reserved as a last resort. 

Illnesses such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or cancer can create complications that necessitate limb amputation. Exposure to extreme cold can result in frostbite, which can also put you at risk for amputation. 

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