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What are some property hazards postal workers face?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Premises Liability |

The dangers posed to postal workers are far more than just an occasional aggressive dog. Properties in Ohio can offer many different hazards that sting, bite, cut or otherwise injure an unsuspecting mail carrier. If you want to make your yard or land safe for someone to deliver your mail, here are some property hazards to watch out for.

According to Mental Floss, your mailbox can pose a hidden hazard for a postal worker. Mail carriers have at times slipped their hand into a mailbox only to be met with a wasp sting. On occasion, wasps will find a mailbox an inviting place to build a nest, particularly if the box has an outgoing mail slot. So it is a good idea to check a mailbox for evidence of stinging critters.

Generally, people are aware that dogs can be a menace to postal workers and will keep them secure during times when the mail is delivered. However, mail workers have also had problems with house felines that turn aggressive. Cats have been known to guard mail slots and strike a postal worker who attempts to drop mail into the slot. Some cats will also lunge at door screens if they sense a mail worker approaching.

Postal workers also may have close encounters with lawn obstacles. Some items, like watering cans, toys, or yard gnomes can become trip hazards. It is a good idea to keep areas of the yard where a postal worker has to walk clear of anything that can cause a nasty spill. Also make sure there is nothing obstructing a mail carrier’s route to your mailbox if it lies under a porch. You can generally count on a postal worker to watch for things like hanging plants, but keeping a porch as uncluttered as possible is still a wise move.

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