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How can a car crash affect your wages?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Car Accidents |

As a resident of Ohio who has gotten involved in a car crash, you know that there are both short and long-term impacts on your life. Mezibov Butler can help to guide you through the sometimes-complex aftermath of these painful incidents.

When people consider expenses related to a car crash, their thoughts usually go to the short-term effects. For example, in a less severe crash you may be worried about the costs of car damage. If you were injured, you might worry about hospital bills, ambulance rides, medications, or the possibility of surgery.

But what about your wages? The truth of the matter is, your wages can be impacted by a car crash. If you were injured badly enough, you will likely need to take some time off of work. In some cases, such as with spine or head injuries, the recovery process can take months or even years. You may even be incapable of doing every part of your job to the degree you did before. Depending on your field of work, you might be rendered completely incapable of returning.

Even just a week’s worth of absent paychecks can be devastating to anyone, but this is especially true if you have medical bills that are stacking up at the same time. This double whammy is what makes crashes so dangerous.

Have your wages been impacted by the crash that you were involved in? Consider taking a look at our webpage on car crashes, linked here. With more information, you can begin the process of seeking compensation.

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