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3-vehicle crash in Ohio leaves one dead

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Car Accidents |

The more vehicles involved in a car crash, the more serious they can be, especially when drugs and/or alcohol play a part. A car crash in Clinton County, Ohio involving three vehicles claimed the life of one of the drivers, and though an investigation is ongoing, authorities suspect that alcohol and drugs were a factor.

The accident occurred on Interstate 71 very early in the morning on Saturday as a result of a 32-year-old man driving southbound in the northbound lane. Authorities pronounced him dead at the scene after he crashed into a truck driven by an 18-year-old man and also containing a 17-year-old female passenger. The 18-year-old driver was also towing a camper, which continued traveling northbound after detaching from the truck. A third vehicle, driven by an 18-year-old female, then crashed into the truck as well. 

Authorities transported the 18-year-old male driver and his 17-year-old passenger from the scene, whose injuries were not life-threatening despite two separate vehicles colliding with the truck they were in. The 18-year-old female driver received treatment at the scene, after which she was free to go. 

Details are not available as to how the 32-year-old driver came to be driving the wrong direction in the northbound lanes of I-71, apart from authorities’ suspicion that drugs and alcohol played a part in the crash. The current location and condition of the camper that came loose from the vehicle towing it and continued to move forward on its own are also unknown at this time. 

Some people may escape from a car accident with only minor injuries or no injury at all. Others, however, are not so fortunate and they or their families may find it helpful to consult an attorney.

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