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The trouble with quality medical care

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Serious Injuries |

The Cincinnati area is home to many excellent hospitals. In fact, some of the best medical care in the world is available in Ohio.

US News rankings reinforce this claim to greatness: Out of the top three candidates, all of the hospitals perform highly in at least seven categories. One is even ranked nationally in its specialty. However, just because there are many excellent healthcare companies in the metropolitan area does not necessarily mean that everyone is receiving the care they need and deserve.

Very few of these hospitals are what most people would call affordable. High bills and endless therapy sessions resulting from many types of injuries often dissuade people from getting the help that could put their life back on track.

In fact, specialist treatments are not even a consideration for many people. Injury victims often find themselves struggling to pay for even basic medical care. In the worst-case scenario, these innocent victims could even end up developing secondary conditions due to the lack of adequate treatment.

The inclination towards a cheap management strategy versus a more expensive curative one is not surprising. The Ohio State University estimates the average costs of even relatively common events, such as spinal injuries, average between $40,000 and $80,000 per patient.

There are few things more demeaning or frustrating than living in a place where fine, effective medical care is available but not having access due to economic restraints. At least for those facing injuries caused by another party, there may be hope through the legal system to obtain compensation for expensive medical bills.

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