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2 dead in head-on Ohio collision

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Citizens of Delphos, Ohio witnessed smoke billowing from beneath an overpass last Tuesday afternoon. The smoke was from a fire resulting from a two-vehicle head-on collision on U.S. Highway 30 between a pickup and a semi-truck. The flames reached up to the level of the overpass near the Fifth Street exit where the two vehicles came to rest following the crash. 

Each vehicle held two occupants. While the occupants of the semi-truck received hospital treatment for minor injuries only, the occupants of the pickup truck died at the scene. Their identities are not yet available to the public, but they were both men. 

According to authorities, the pickup truck drifted left of center while traveling eastbound on Highway 30. It struck the semi-truck head-on after crossing the median into westbound traffic, the force of the collision propelling the two vehicles until they came to a stop under the overpass.

Responders from multiple agencies soon arrived at the scene, including an investigator from the county coroner’s office who confirmed the fatalities in the crash. Another agency summoned to the scene was the Emergency Management Agency in order to ensure no leakage of fuel from either of the two vehicles.

At this time, it is still unknown what caused the driver of the pickup to drift into the other lane of traffic. A number of factors can contribute to motor vehicle accidents, making it sometimes difficult to determine cause and fault. Therefore, people injured in a car accident may find it helpful to discuss the case with an attorney.

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