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What to do after an accident with an uninsured driver

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Firm News |

Having automobile insurance is compulsory in the state of Ohio and drivers must carry at least minimum coverage. However, despite state laws, some drivers carry no insurance.

What should you do if you are in a collision with an uninsured motorist? Even if the accident is relatively minor, you could suffer painful injuries and incur thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Do not settle for cash

If the accident seems minor — just a fender-bender — the driver who ran into your car may offer you cash on the spot. Never accept this type of offer. Even seemingly minor vehicle damage may hide structural problems, and the repair bill may be far more expensive than you anticipate. The same is true of your injuries; you may feel fine but have underlying injuries that are not immediately apparent. Instead of accepting cash, trade contact information with the other driver.

Document the incident

Drivers who do not have insurance may be reluctant to share contact information and will consequently be in a hurry to leave the crash scene. If this happens, work quickly to document the collision. Use your cellphone to take pictures of the location, the damage to your vehicle and, if possible, the license plate number of the other vehicle.

Call the police

The other party will probably not want you to call the police, but do it anyway. Even if the accident is minor, the law enforcement officer will write a report. You need to request a copy, so you will have a record of the accident. You may have to sue the uninsured driver, and also file a claim with your own insurer. Any information you can provide as evidence of the crash will be helpful. 

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