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Potentially impaired driver kills toddler and three adults

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Ohio residents may understandably feel angry and upset when they hear reports of a drunk or drugged driver injuring or killing innocent people. When such events include the death of babies or young children, the angst can be even worse. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many people in Ashtabula have had to experience and hear about after a recent crash on a Friday night in their town.

As reported by Fox 8 Cleveland, a man who is 48 years old is today in custody as an investigation into the horrific and fatal accident continues. No confirmation has been published yet but it is suspected that the man was either under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both at the time of the wreck.

Reports indicate the man was driving a sport utility vehicle and approaching a stop sign at the intersection of Adams Avenue and West 58th Avenue. However, instead of stopping like he should have, he kept driving. In the process of going through the intersection, he hit a small passenger sedan that had just begun to go through the intersection after first having stopped at the stop sign.

The small car was shoved off the road, killing all four people inside. The deceased include a young child of only 22 months and both of his parents as well as another woman. The man driving the SUV was only said to have experienced minor injuries. Senseless events like this highlight the ongoing need for vigilance and the continued effort to raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving.


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