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Speeding teen driver kills one, injures two

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Ohio residents know that vehicle accidents can be caused by drivers of any age for a variety of reasons. Elderly drivers, for example, may have difficulties seeing or responding quickly. Young drivers may be more apt to drive fast or otherwise dangerously in part due to their youth that may make them feel invincible and immortal. Unfortunately even though this may be understandable, it is nonetheless a serious problem that continues to leave too many innocent people injured or even dead.

One recent example can be seen in the tragic accident involving a vehicle with four teenagers inside. The group was reported to be on their way to their high school prom when the vehicle hit a telephone pole. Reports indicate that the car was driving at an excessive speed although the exact speed is unknown. The driver lost control and was unable to correct course. Two of the passengers were injured and required treatment at a local hospital.

Another passenger who was not wearing a restraint was thrown through a window out of the vehicle. She was taken by air to a hospital in Cincinnati for care. Three days later she died. The driver, who is 17 years old, is now facing multiple felony charges including aggravated vehicular homicide. She will be tried as a juvenile.

Families that must experience the loss of their children or other loved ones in crashes like these might want to talk with an attorney about how they may pursue compensation.

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