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How to prevent road construction zone accidents and worker injury

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Car Accidents, Construction Accidents |

When most people think of construction accidents in Cincinnati, they think of the kind that occurs from working on buildings. Many of them do not realize the dangers workers who work on the roadways face. Damaged roads are a big hazard for motorists. Cars in construction zones are a big hazard for road workers. Road construction is necessary to improve road conditions and keep them from being in a state of disrepair. 

The law requires workers to post signs that notify drivers of road construction projects. Depending on the type of work that is underway, access to certain areas may become off limits to motorists and slower speeds may also be necessary. Drivers must follow the instructions posted in construction zones or risk injuring and killing road construction workers. Here are some ways drivers can prevent car accidents involving road construction workers

Put away the distractions

Distractions keep drivers from being conscious of what is going on around them. In road work zones, speeds are lower, workers wear clothing and safety gear to make them more visible, and they use signs to alert motorists to the changing conditions. When distractions are in play, motorists are likely to miss cues and not follow the law in construction zones. 

Do not tailgate 

Tailgating is when drivers follow too closely behind vehicles. The less space there is in between their cars and the ones in front of them, the less time they have to stop safely and avoid collisions. Traffic is oftenn much slower and stop-and-go in road work zones. Drivers should have extra space between their vehicles and others to minimize their chances of road construction zone accidents

Follow all construction worker instructions 

It is very common for road projects to have flaggers. Flaggers are individuals who hold signs and help to direct the flow and direction of traffic to keep motorists from ending up in dangerous areas and exposed to dangerous conditions. 

Road construction workers face dangerous working conditions on the roads. Accidents involving motorists do not and should not occur. Motorists who do not follow the laws and rules posted in construction zones can be liable for workers’ injuries and death that occur in car accidents they cause.

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