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Does your injury qualify for a lawsuit in Cincinnati?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Serious Injuries |

If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you may have grounds for filing a lawsuit to try to recoup damages. Although you may not have considered this possibility, it could be in your best interest to consult with an attorney for more information on the specifics of your potential case.

Whether your injury is relatively minor or quite complex, there is no reason you should automatically dismiss the idea of pursuing legal action. Although many people fear long and arduous court battles, this is not always the case, and with the right attorney, you may be able to craft an effective strategy to pursue compensation for your losses.

Motor vehicle accidents 

In terms of motor vehicle accidents, Cincinnati ranked among the top three cities in the state of Ohio for the highest number of injuries in 2016, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Car crashes and motorcycle accidents both have the potential for serious injury due to distracted drivers, drunk drivers, or even faulty road signage and hazardous road conditions as a result of negligence on the part of the state or a third party. It can be helpful to ask an attorney if the particulars of your motor vehicle accident could merit a case in court. If you are considering pursuing legal action, begin gathering all of the pertinent documentation and evidence relating to the accident as soon as you are able to do so. This includes any photos, official reports, medical bills, insurance claims and the like. 

Construction accidents

Construction accidents oftenn qualify as a subset of motor vehicle accidents when your accident takes place in a construction zone. These types of accidents can be very complex in terms of building a case because the issues surrounding liability can be challenging. In most cases, there must be a detailed investigation to determine who was at fault. If your injury came as a result of a construction zone, the sooner you contact an attorney to discuss your situation, the better chance you will have of reconstructing the facts to build your case.

Many other types of injuries are also eligible for legal action, including nursing home neglect, defective products, premises liability and a whole range of on-the-job injuries. Regardless of how you got your injury, it can be worthwhile to examine the possibility of a lawsuit to recover any lost wages, inability to work and other damages you have experienced as a result of your accident.

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