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Common causes of electrical fires

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Construction Accidents |

Employees in Ohio may not be aware of just how many fire hazards there may be within their place of work. Electrical fire hazards in particular can be much more widespread than people think, encompassing a number of different possible causes.

Fire Rescue 1 states that electrical fires can occur anywhere at any time, in any place that electrical appliances are. Needless to say, that covers a lot of workplaces in the state. There are five common causes that most electrical fires come from, and many are as simple as a lamp or an outlet. In fact, both light fixtures and faulty outlets or appliances are the top two causes of these fires. Putting cloth or paper over light fixtures can easily cause it to incinerate. The same goes for using lightbulbs with wattage that’s too high for the light fixture it’s put in. 

As for the number one cause of electrical fires, faulty outlets, there can be issue with any part of the wire. Frayed or broken wires can cause fires, especially if the cord is run under a rug. Plugs should also only be placed where they’re compatible. For example, never try fitting a three-pronged plug into a two-pronged socket.

Wiring, extension cords and space heaters round out the list. Safe Electricity states that space heaters in particular cause numerous electrical fires in both office and home environments. When using space heaters in the office, workers should follow all instructions and make sure the heater model is up to date.

Electrical fires can usually be prevented through the monitoring of these different potential hazards. If everyone were to keep an eye on the outlets, cords, wires, and lights, any workplace can become much safer.

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