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The dangers of defective medical devices

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Serious Injuries |

It is easy to accept that driving and working come with risks. However, when you receive medical care, you expect it to be safe and effective. Unfortunately, sometimes the health care system causes more harm than healing.

Medical malpractice is not the only way in which the health care industry may injure you. Another is through the use of defective medical devices, which can result in severe bodily damage and even death. With the boom in life-sustaining devices has come a significant increase in the risk of adverse consequences, including the following:

Infections and poisoning

Substances from a medical device can enter the bloodstream or organs, leading to infections or poisoning. A notable example of this is metal-on-metal hip replacements, which release metal ions due to friction from usage. Other products may erode over time, introducing harmful materials and chemicals into the body, or may be contaminated. Equipment may also be responsible for spreading diseases you already have to other parts of your body.

Internal damage

Products can cause injury when they malfunction or move out of place. Examples include:

  • Organ puncture
  • Cell damage
  • Burns
  • Cyst development
  • Internal bleeding or blood clots

Any of these injuries can result in extensive treatment and/or permanent disability. Furthermore, a device that does not work cannot protect you from the health problem it was meant to address. For example, an implanted defibrillator that does not produce a shock will not restore normal heart rhythm during arrhythmia.


Whether or not the harm is extreme, pain is more than likely. The pain may be due to the injury and become chronic, such as from joint and tissue damage. It may also come from the medical procedures required to treat the injury, the subsequent recovery and any lasting damage. Such pain can affect your ability to work or care for yourself.

In addition to dangers to your health, defective products also hurt your wallet. You may be able to file a lawsuit against a provider, facility or manufacturer to receive compensation for your injuries.

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