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Death at North Huntingdon storage yard

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | Construction Accidents |

People in Ohio who hear reports detailing accidents that happen on job worksites are often upset by these stories. This is with good reason as there are many rules in place that are meant to prevent these incidents, most of which may well be deemed preventable. Sadly many companies do not make safety on the job the priority it should be. They may fail to train employees on safety procedures or they might not even require their workers to follow those procedures that may be in place.

When a workplace accident claims the life of an employee, many people suffer including the co-workers who knew the person and may have been at the site when the accident happened as well as the friends and family members who lost their loved one. Today, there are likely many people grieving the loss of a man who was killed at work in North Huntingdon recently.

Very few details about the incident are known except that the lower part of the deceased man’s body somehow got trapped under some type of construction equipment. The man was working at a place where maintenance was done on construction vehicles, including painting them. The yard stored the equipment. No reports were issued that discussed a potential violation of a rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration but that does not mean a violation did not occur.

After the loss of a person in a construction accident, family members may want to discuss their situation with an attorney to learn how they can be compensated.

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