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Truck accident kills woman in passenger vehicle

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2017 | Car Accidents |

On any given day in Ohio, an automobile crash can happen. For the lucky people, these incidents can be minor and result in no injuries to any persons and minimal to no damage to vehicles or other property. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are those accidents that not only injure people or damage property but that also claim the lives of people. Along the way, those close to the people killed are left to grive and attempt to make sense of what is generally a senseless-seeming thing.

Such is the case today in Ohio as a woman died after a bizarre wreck that was something of a chain reaction. The incident occurred early on a Monday afternoon along a part of US-23 in Monroe County. Kicking of the sequence of events was the loss of some steel coils from a tractor trailer. The truck was being driven by a man who is 54 years old and reports indicate him to be at fault for the crash.

Once off the big rig, the steel coils hit a trailer. It was the trailer that ultimately hit a passenger vehicle with a 68-year-old woman inside. A helicopter was dispatched for life flight but the woman eventually died. It is not known if she died at the scene of the crash or at a hospital. She was a resident of Sylvania.

After crashes in which people die, those left behind might find it useful to talk to a lawyer and learn how they may seek compensation.

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