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Keep swimming a healthy and safe activity

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Premises Liability |

Swimming is a great form of exercise, an effortless way to entertain and an activity that many residents in Ohio enjoy every year. Along with the fun and excitement a pool has to offer, there are also risks like drowning, falling or sicknesses related to poor maintenance or cleanliness procedures. Protecting against these types of dangers can lead to a better, safer and healthier swimming experience.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death in the nation. Often, the victims are children. Additionally, slippery surfaces, careless behavior and diving accidents are causes of injuries related to falling. People who are swimming can take precautions to reduce their risk. These include:

  •          Walking on all pool surfaces
  •          Watching children closely around the water and using proper flotation devices
  •          Using caution when diving or jumping into the water
  •          Swimming with another person

Additionally, swimmers are at risk of contracting water-related illnesses if water conditions are not sanitary or properly maintained with the right chemicals. The Ohio Department of Health suggests several things swimmers can do to keep themselves healthy at the pool such as:

  •          Not swallowing pool water
  •          Taking a shower before entering the pool
  •          Taking breaks to use the restroom and encouraging children to do the same
  •          Changing diapers in a designated area
  •          Checking diapers regularly and using a plastic swim diaper cover

By taking responsibility to be sanitary and being mindful of potential dangers, swimmers everywhere can enjoy a fun activity and avoid injury and sickness.

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