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How driver-friendly is Ohio?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Drivers here in Ohio may find the results of a recent report quite heartening, particularly since many of them may be taking to the state’s roads for the holidays. The report, from Bankrate, indicates that Ohio is one of the best states in the country for drivers.

The quality of the overall experience of being a driver in a state can be affected by many different issues, including financial, safety and driving time issues. The report looked at six different factors when ranking the states on how friendly they are to drivers. These factors were: average car repair costs, average annual gas expenses, average annual cost of auto insurance, average commute time, auto fatality rate and auto theft rate.

Ohio was ranked the second most driver-friendly state in the entire country. Only Iowa was rated higher. In all six of the factors the report looked at, Ohio was better (lower) than the national average.

One would hope that, in addition to being a driver-friendly state, Ohio would also be a safe state for drivers. The most directly traffic-safety-related factor the above-mentioned report looked at was auto fatality rate. According to the report, Ohio’s auto fatality rate was 0.9 deaths for every 100 million miles driven. This was lower than the rates of well over half of the other states. Thirty states had a rate above 0.9, eight states in addition to Ohio had a rate of 0.9, and 11 states had a rate below 0.9.

Of course, fatality rate is only part of the picture of how safe a state is for drivers. All manner of different factors, including a wide range of factors involving driver conduct, influence the overall safety of a state’s roads. How safe of a state do you feel Ohio is for driving? What do you think Ohio drivers need to work on most when it comes to safe driving?

When a person is hurt out on Ohio’s roads due to a driver who acted unsafely behind the wheel, they may want a skilled attorney’s assistance in navigating matters related to compensation. How such matters are handled can have some pretty big ramifications for traffic accident victims.

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