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Children most at risk from distracted driving near school

As children across Ohio head back to school, families may not realize that the schools their children go to may be in distracted driving danger zones. As CBS News reports, a new study has found that school children are some of the most endangered due to the busy streets that often surround schools.

The data found that nearly 90 percent of drivers were using their phones while behind the wheel. This was especially apparent near schools because one in three drivers was exhibiting unsafe driving activity in a school zone. While both pickup and drop-off are problems, the risky behavior worsens as the day wears on, making after-school pickup 40 percent more dangerous. Between the hours of 2 to 5 p.m., the roads around schools are the least safe, according to researchers.

The dangers of defective medical devices

It is easy to accept that driving and working come with risks. However, when you receive medical care, you expect it to be safe and effective. Unfortunately, sometimes the health care system causes more harm than healing.

Medical malpractice is not the only way in which the health care industry may injure you. Another is through the use of defective medical devices, which can result in severe bodily damage and even death. With the boom in life-sustaining devices has come a significant increase in the risk of adverse consequences, including the following:

Injuries may not be immediately obvious after a car accident

When a car crash happens in Ohio, many drivers look for signs of injury at the scene and then move on. Yet some injuries resulting from a crash may not show up for days or weeks after the accident occurred.

According to KTAR News, internal bleeding is often not visible following an accident, but it can be deadly. If there is dark purple bruising, swelling or a person experiences fainting in the hours or days following a car crash, emergency medical attention should be sought. Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries can also be fatal if left untreated, so if a person appears to have had a significant change in personality, suffers from memory loss or difficulty understanding, or is newly suffering from headaches, he or she should consult with a doctor. Impaired hearing or vision can also be signs of a concussion.

Death at North Huntingdon storage yard

People in Ohio who hear reports detailing accidents that happen on job worksites are ofte upset by these stories. This is with good reason as there are many rules in place that are meant to prevent these incidents, most of which may well be deemed preventable. Sadly many companies do not make safety on the job the priority it should be. They may fail to train employees on safety procedures or they might not even require their workers to follow those procedures that may be in place.

When a workplace accident claims the life of an employee, many people suffer including the co-workers who knew the person and may have been at the site when the accident happened as well as the friends and family members who lost their loved one. Today, there are likely many people grieving the loss of a man who was killed at work in North Huntingdon recently.

Labor Day driving safety tips

Holidays like Labor Day, provide a break from work and an opportunity to be with friends and family. However, holidays often also mean heavy traffic as many people travel and more people on the roads also increases the likelihood of auto accidents.

While some traffic accidents are unavoidable, following these tips can help you steer clear of certain hazardous situations.

Burn attacks: more than disfigurement

Burn injuries can range from mild stovetop accidents to devastating and debilitating measures that can alter an individual's life forever. Many burn victims experienced injuries as a result of explosions, exposure to dangerous chemicals or house fires; others have endured physical attacks that left them disfigured and even clinging to life. In Ohio, lawmakers have recently changed the details of laws surrounding fire-related attacks by stiffening the legal penalties.

In the case of Judy Malinowski, an Ohio mother who was set on fire by her ex-partner, such attacks can be fatal. While Dayton Daily News reported that Malinowski succumbed to her burns after a two-year battle, Ohio Senate voted in favor of Judy's Law only a day after Malinowski died. The bill, which toughens the penalties for attackers, also allows longer prison sentences for crimes that disfigure victims. As for Malinowski's case, law enforcement is currently working with the original arson investigator to determine whether a homicide case can be pursued.    

Strict liability for attacks from dogs, vaccinated or not

Dog bite incidents are always unfortunate and sometimes tragic. The victim of a bite can be seriously injured in an attack. A dog’s owner is almost always very concerned and sometimes defensive. Occasionally, dogs attack intruders. Other times, they attack unsuspecting and undeserving individuals. In Ohio, the likelihood of an attack from a dog increases if that dog is at risk for rabies.

If an Ohio dog is at risk of rabies, a dog owner may be especially susceptible to future liability for the animal’s attacks due to the unpredictable nature of a rabies attack.  According to American Veterinarian, Ohio does not require rabies vaccinations for dogs. Although dog owners in Ohio are not required by statute to vaccinate for rabies, they may be subject to strict liability for injuries caused by their dogs.

How serious can whiplash end up being?

If you have whiplash from a recent car accident (or think you may have it), the odds are in your favor. That is, about 75 percent of whiplash cases, maybe even more, result in full recovery within about three months.

The bad news is that you could be included among the millions of other people whose whiplash injuries result in chronic pain. For these people, whiplash is very serious even if it does not seem that way at first.

Work-related injuries and workers' rights

Every year, thousands of individuals experience catastrophic -- and even fatal -- injuries while at work. Many of these injuries involve the loss of a limb, disfigurement and the loss of a bodily organ system, and can result in an employee's permanent disability to work. Some injuries even require around-the-clock care and can hinder daily activities and general quality of life. In Ohio, there are injury and illness plans that help protect employees from such accidents and the overwhelming hospital bills that can occur as a result. However, it is important that workers understand their rights to better understand possible solutions in the case an accident does occur.

WKYC News reports that every week in Ohio, an employee dies in a work-related accident, and every year, hundreds more workers are injured on the job. There is current dispute on the level of protection the state offers companies and individual workers; many claim that the state focuses too heavily on protecting companies instead of workers who actually experience injuries on the job. Some citizens place blame on monetary issues, and accuse major companies of aligning with insurance companies to increase revenue. Companies with multiple violations of safety procedures are currently under the most public scrutiny for allowing employees to work under hazardous conditions.

3 leading causes of construction-worker fatalities

It is no secret that being a construction worker is hard work. Not only is this a physically taxing job that requires skill, but it also comes with a lot of risks. Those in the construction industry face a variety of hazards that can cause serious injuries and even death. Whether you or a loved one works in this industry, it is helpful to stay informed about the leading causes of death for these workers.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the following are the three most common fatal accidents in construction.

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